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HVAC Ratings and Rebate Calculator

Welcome to the HVAC ratings and rebate calculator.

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Select this option to find HVAC systems based on installation parameters such as system type, heating and cooling capacity, configuration, etc. Find HVAC systems that qualify for energy rebates in your area.

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Select this option to view HVAC ratings and rebates if you know the model nrs of outdoor unit, indoor unit and furnace.

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Welcome to the HVAC ratings and rebate calculator by Distributor Corporation of New England (DCNE). View ratings for Carrier and other high-quality HVAC equipment, search for HVAC systems that qualify for rebates and special offers in your area.

Disclaimer: Although DCNE updates this calculator frequently, ratings are subject to change. DCNE will not be held responsible for rating changes that may occur or for human errors found within this calculator. Dealers are encouraged to download the AHRI certificate for their final selection to verify rating accuracy. Not all consumers are eligible for all rebates shown, be certain to read the terms and conditions on each rebate form carefully to determine eligibility. Consumers should consult an accountant before taking federal tax credits.